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After 13.1 miles of it, I can now report that "running against the wind" really sucks. I was feeling good, well-trained, at a good weight, and healthy; in other words, I was ready for a PR, but the weather had other ideas. Strong south winds that funneled up the Colorado River canyon made the race a lot harder than it was last year. Still, I ran 1:40:25, which exactly ties my Other Half time from October (2 weeks after a marathon and a hillier course), and as the wind indiscriminately affected everyone, I ended up with 3rd in my age group, same as I did last year with a 3+ minute faster time.

canyonlands start 2011 It was breezy as we walked to the bus pick-up, windy when we got out of the buses at the start, and downright gusty as we finished our warm-up jog and headed for the starting line. My visor and tiara blew off, and I realized it would have been smarter to leave them in the drop bag, but by then the "sweat truck" had already left with our clothes and I was stuck. I ended up carrying my visor the entire distance for fear it would blow off (pretty uncomfortable, and my neck and shoulders still ache two days later), and I handed my tiara to an aid station volunteer "in exchange for that cup of water" about halfway through.

The first several miles were pretty good. I was in a sea of people and I think they blocked the wind. I felt like I was working, but my HR was reasonable, averaging 81% of HRR, right where I wanted it. But as the pack began to thin out and the wind built even more, it started getting tougher. I tried to draft where I could, but people who run half marathons at this pace tend to be small and thin and not very good windblocks!

I felt like I was working really hard, but my HR was actually on the low end of HM HR almost the whole time, so I suppose I was slacking. I probably should have gotten my HR up into the 166-169 zone around mile 8. But it was awful, with the wind gusting hard against my body. I kept thinking about how wonderful it would be to just stop running. I'd see people pass me and be mystified at how they managed it. (Then I'd pass people and I suppose they were equally mystified.)

I tried to run the tangents, but as you can see by the splits I wasn't always successful. The first number is the time between each time I pressed the lap button on my Garmin, at every mile mark. The second is the distance the Garmin thought I ran, and the third is the pace for that distance.

    split        dist   pace    elev    avg HR     max HR
 1 07:18.1	1.01	07:13.3	 -81	154 (76%)  [bogus]
 2 07:19.8	1	07:19.5	 -12	160 (81%)  165 (85%)
 3 07:20.5	0.99	07:24.7	  -6	160 (81%)  163 (83%)
 4 07:48.3	1.03	07:36.6	  26	160 (81%)  163 (83%)
 5 07:40.7	1	07:40.0	 -47	161 (82%)  167 (87%)
 6 07:39.3	1	07:41.0	  -4	161 (82%)  165 (85%)
 7 07:48.3	1	07:50.1	  29	160 (81%)  164 (84%)
 8 07:43.2	1.01	07:40.9	 -12	161 (82%)  165 (85%)
 9 07:30.6	1.02	07:23.7	  14	163 (84%)  167 (87%)
10 07:55.9	1.01	07:52.4	 -20	162 (82%)  167 (87%)
11 07:49.5	1.02	07:38.2	  70	162 (82%)  165 (85%)
12 07:56.8	1.01	07:51.2	  -8	165 (85%)  169 (88%)
13.1 08:39.0	1.12	07:44.7	 -59	165 (86%)  169 (88%)

Can I blame my failure to PR on the weather? Partly. Certainly I think I would have run faster without the vicious headwind; a quick comparison of times between last year and this year, for runners who raced both years, shows that most women were between 3 and 6 minutes slower this year. (Oddly the differential for men is smaller, 1-3 minutes. Some of us were speculating it might be because men have more muscle to push harder through the headwind.) But would I have beaten my 1:37:01? Maybe, maybe not. As I said, I think my HR numbers show I didn't push as hard as I could have - perhaps with perfect conditions I would have flagged as well.

I got third in my age group, and the same woman who got second did it again - with a time 6 minutes slower than her time last year. (The first place runner hadn't run it before.) I was the 211th person over the finish line out of 3361, and last year I was 212th out of 3278, hardly any difference; I was 29th woman out of 2021 this year, and 37th out of 1942 last year. So perhaps I ran a little better compared to my peers this year.

It was still a great weekend. Dee, an imaginary friend from RWOL, flew in from the midwest to run this race, and ended up taking first place Masters female even though she was disappointed in her time. I had margaritas at Miguel's the night before the race, and beers at the Moab Brewery after, with a bunch of other RWOL friends, including my usual race roomie Karah and our friend Kevin. (Karah's report has lots of great photos - I stole the one above from her - and is here on her blog.) The next day Dee and I visited Arches National Park despite the continued miserable windy weather, and it was fun hiking to the pretty arches even though the sky was cold and gray and the air hazy.

Despite the lack of PR, I still feel fairly confident about my upcoming marathon on May 1st. And I'll be running another half marathon, the local Steamworks Half, in June, giving me another chance at a PR.
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