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Britt left on a river trip on Thursday afternoon - he'll be back later tonight - and so I had the weekend to myself. Which I kind of like. (I could have gone on the river trip, but 1) I didn't want to take a day off work, because I'm quite busy, 2) it was a harder trip than I feel prepared for at the moment, as we haven't taken the boats out yet, 3) I'm really focused on my half marathon in 3 weeks and didn't want to miss 3 days of running, 4) the group of people wasn't one I know other than one person - so I opted out.) What I did instead:

Friday: I worked. And I made mint chocolate chip ice cream. And I wrote, and I read.

Saturday: I went trail running early in the morning, then went to the Farmer's Market (too late, alas, for the greens; I bought eggs and cheese and spring onions), then washed some of our windows. In the afternoon I went on a mountain bike ride (and have the scrapes to prove it, alas), and then, um, I pigged out on some of yesterday's ice cream. I did three loads of laundry. And then I wrote and read and goofed off on the net in the evening.

Sunday: Long run (14 miles, nice and slow and easy), followed by Taste of Durango; it's the festival season now, so pretty much every weekend Main Ave. is closed down for something. This is a benefit for the soup kitchen in which all the local restaurants and breweries have booths where you can buy little portions of something (food or drink) for $1-$6. There was music by a local bluegrass band, Waiting on Trial who were quite frankly AWESOME and I was amazed I hadn't heard of them before. Then I went home and washed more windows (go me!) and then got a wild hair to buy some plants and put them in our yard, so I did that (we'll see if the tomatoes survive the deer; I'm guessing they won't), and mowed the lawn for good measure.

Now it's Sunday night. I watched the partial solar eclipse with a pinhole; I thought about driving to where it would be annular, about 90 minutes away, but decided to just sit on the patio with ice cream and hang out. I guess I'll pour myself another glass of wine and read some more. And tomorrow is Monday.
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