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I took two weeks (mostly) off running after the Steamworks Half, and now I am running again. Summer, for me, is not really a time for full-on training, because there are too many other things I want to do, notably mountain biking and backpacking. (As anyone who reads this journal knows!) But I've got some races coming down the pike, and I want to be ready for them.

I actually have done a race already: the Freedom 5K on the 4th of July. It was free, had no time recording, started at 9am (and therefore was quite hot), was downhill outbound and uphill on the return, and was really 3.5 miles (so as to put the start/finish and the turnaround in particular places, I guess) so I didn't take it all that seriously - it was more just a way for me to get some speedwork in, since as you all know I hate running fast except in races. I went out for an 8-mile warm-up first, then ran the race - I was second woman overall, which sounds more impressive than it really was because out of the ~400 people "running" probably only 50 or 60 were moderately serious runners. However, I felt good about beating all the girls on the HS XC team (except for their coach, who was the first woman but since she's probably 20 years younger than me, that's okay). My time was 26:44 by my Garmin, for a 7:33 pace, which I guess is okay.

I ran about 34 miles two weeks ago, and 39 last week, plus various mountain biking and hiking. I'm aiming at 40-45 for the next month or so, with a lot of trail running since I have a few trail races coming up; then I'm going to start building my mileage up toward the 55mpw range, and maybe even try to get back to the 60+ range before my November marathon.

Here's my current race plan:

August 11th: Kennebec Challenge (maybe). This is a ~15-mile mountain race I did in 2009 and thought it was great training for Imogene. (This year it will go in the reverse direction.) There is also a half marathon in Ouray that is tempting. Or I might end up doing something else, if Britt wants to go backpacking.

August 25th: Mountain Chile Cha Cha (maybe, unlikely). This is a trail race in Pagosa Springs, about an hour east of here, with 7-mile and 15-mmile options. It wouldn't be as good a training run, but if we do something the 11th I'd probably do this.

September 8th: Imogene Pass Run. This is my goal race for the summer. My best time (I've run it three times) is 3:54:26 - I'd like to come in under 3:50, and close to 3:45 if possible. And beat my friend Jen.

October 6th and 7th: Durango Double. There are trail races on Saturday and road races on Sunday, and if you want to "do the double" you do one on each day. I have not yet decided which races I will do, but am leaning towards the 25K/half marathon combo, because that would mean actual racing, and a chance at placing well in the individual events. I suspect if I did the longer distances it would be more of a just-cover-the-distance thing. But the 50K does tempt me...

November 4th: The New York Marathon. I'm still not sure how I talked myself into this one! My training in the fall will dictate whether I go for a PR or just run for the scenic tour.

There may be a few shorter distance races in there, but these are the main ones.
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