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On Saturday I'll be running the Imogene Pass Run for the fourth time (you can read my previous race reports via my Imogene tag). It's an entirely gorgeous race, 17.1 miles from Ouray to Telluride over a high mountain pass.

As far as my goal and plan: my PR on this course is 3:54:26 from two years ago (the last time I ran it - last year I had a stress fracture and didn't run) which was only a tiny PR over 2009's 3:55:07. However, in 2009 I ran the Kennebec Challenge in 3:19, and this year I ran it in 3:04, a 15-minute improvement. I'm a little reluctant to project that to a 15-minute improvement at Imogene, since a) Kennebec is about 2.4 miles and 1000 vertical feet shorter than Imogene, b) this year's Kennebec course looped in the opposite direction from the 2009 course, and c) and a friend of mine ran Kennebec in 3:06 and Imogene in 3:50 last year.

I have similar mileage over the past 8 weeks or so, although in 2009 I had higher mileage over the longer term (since I cut back hard over much of June this year), and in 2010 (my slight PR year) I had substantially lower mileage. (In 2010 I was faster uphill but slower downhill, at the end of the race, than 2009, which I attribute to the lower mileage.) I'm in better shape now than in either of those years, based on shorter-distance race times and training paces. I'm about 4 pounds lighter than I was in both these previous races. A month after Imogene in 2010 I ran the St. George Marathon in 3:36; I am reasonably shooting for 3:25 at NYCM in November.

So. I think my A goal here is 3:45, my B goal 3:49, and my C goal a PR. However, this is not the kind of a race where you can target a pace. I'm just going to run this sucker and hope I make my goals!
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