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I haven't been posting much here this winter; I've been running, as usual, and skiing on Fridays, and doing stuff in local politics blah blah blah. Typical winter. But things are going to ramp up this spring!

There's the Canyonlands Half in Moab a week from Saturday; Britt's running the 5-miler, and we decided to bring our bikes and make a weekend of it. Not that I'm going to be full of energy after a half marathon, but. We have to get in mountain-bike shape as we were invited on a White Rim trip in mid-April! Britt and I have done it twice before, but that was back in the 1990s, so it's high time we go again.

We also need to get our rowing arms in gear as we have been invited on two raft trips this spring. One, on the Salt River in Arizona, may or may not happen depending on how much run-off there is this year; we haven't had much snow so things are looking grim. The other is on the San Juan in Utah, one of my very favorite rivers! So we're going to have to get the little boaty-boats ready, and do a few Animas River runs soonish.

Finally, in late May we are flying to Edinburgh, where we'll spend a few days with a net-friend before joining a Sierra Club trip on the Coast-to-Coast walk. Yep, we are going to walk across England! And in style, too. We've never done a group trip like this but hey, we get to stay in B&Bs and have our luggage hauled while we dayhike every day for two weeks, sounds good.

I fell down on the job as far as vacation reporting goes last fall, but we didn't take very many pictures on the Grand Canyon (it was COLD in November!). I promise to do better this spring!
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