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It was an okay week, considering that I had to work around various medical appointments (nothing major, just 50-year checkups for various body parts).

Monday - 9.7 with 6x0.5 mile intervals with 2 minute jog recoveries. The first three went great: 6:47, 6:47, 6:52. Then about halfway through the fourth I started feeling like I needed an emergency bathroom break, and I had to slow down; that interval came in at 7:12, and fortunately ended near the Doubletree Hotel, where I used the facilities. But after that, I couldn't get it together for the last two intervals. They were too slow, and I couldn't get my HR up. Final average pace 8:27.

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - I had an appointment in the morning so I couldn't run until afternoon, which usually I don't like doing. But it went well, 7.2 miles, 8:58 average pace

Thursday - 10.5 miles with 5@HMP, which went a little more slowly than I'd hoped but not too bad. Tempo miles: 7:29, 7:27, 7:36, 7:32, 7:29 for an average of 7:31. Overall average 8:10.

Friday - skiing on another glorious powder day!

Saturday - 8 miles super easy, 9:06 pace. (What made it super easy was not so much the pace as my HR, which was way lower than normal.)

Sunday - 15 miles with 1-minute 5K-paced surges at the start of miles 5-14. At first this really dropped my pace per mile, but toward the end they were more 5K effort than 5K pace, and the rest of the mile got slower for recovery, and overall my pace was a typical 8:59.

50.4 miles total for the week. This week I'm going to try to up that a little. I've also got a 5K (bleah) planned for Saturday. Five more weeks until the Canyonlands Half!
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Another 51 miles, woohoo.

Monday - 8.2 miles with a 'ladder' of intervals: 0.25 mile, 0.5, 0.75, 1 mile, and then back down again, all with 2 minute jog recoveries in between. Paces for the intervals as usual were all over the map: 6.49, 7:06, 7:29, 7:21, 7:12, 7:10, 7:21.

Tuesday - 8.1 miles trail running at a relatively peppy average pace of 10:47.

Wednesday - 6.6 easy with strides, which made it faster at 8:38 average pace, followed by 6x10 sec hill sprints.

Thursday - 9.6 miles with the full workout that I curtailed last week: 2 w/u, 7 miles alternating 0.35@HMP with 0.65@HMP+35sec. Last week I did 5 miles and averaged 7:16/7:50; this week I averaged 7:16/7:54 for all 7, but the first 5 miles averaged 7:11/7:47, and my HR overall was slightly lower than the previous week, so I think (hope!) this is an indication of improved fitness.

Friday - ski day! And it had snowed overnight (and was still snowing) so it was an excellent powder day and a very good workout. My quads and calves ached when I got out of the car after we got home!

Saturday - 12 miles easy, 9:12 average pace.

Sunday - 6.7 miles easy, 9:20 average pace, with 8x10 sec hill sprints at the end.

I also signed up yesterday for the Steamworks Half Marathon at the beginning of June, one of my favorite races. The course is along a rolling country road where I do a lot of my long runs, and there's free beer and burgers at the end. It's a small race with 10-year age groups, and two years ago, the most recent time I ran it, I came in second to a woman who'd just turned 40; this year, unless disaster strikes, I should be a lock for the 50-59 win.

There is a 5K in two weeks I might run as well. It's an annual fundraiser, no prizes other than random draws at the end, but it would push me to do a hard workout and it might be a decent fitness gauge.
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Got up to 50 miles last week, as planned! While all my Facebook running friends were grousing about the snow and/or their treadmills, we had another week of beautiful blue skies.

Monday - 7.3 miles with 5 half mile repeats with 2 min jog recoveries. Not great, not horrible. Definitely slower than they were in autumn, though; the first 4 averaged 7:02 pace and I kinda blew the last one, 7:23.

Tuesday - 4.4 miles trail running with Britt in the afternoon, as I spent the morning judging a middle school science fair. 11:17 pace.

Wednesday - Easy 10.5 up a canyon road and back down, 9:15 average pace.

Thursday - Another of the alternation workouts I linked in my previous post: this one was 2 miles of warm-up followed by 5 miles alternating 0.35M HMP (7:16) and 0.65M HMP+35 (7:50) and then easy running home for a total of 9.7. It was supposed to be 7 but I knew I couldn't do that; this Thursday I'll extend the same workout. Overall average 8:17 pace.

Friday - normally ski day, but we haven't had snow in two weeks, so instead Britt and I took off early from work and bicycled down the Animas River Trail all the way to the southern end, then back up the frontage road to Ska Brewing and had pints of stout. :-) About 12 miles total (which I know because this is one of my running routes - minus the beer).

Saturday - Long easy run, 14 miles at 9:03 pace.

Sunday - Another trail run with Britt, 5.4 miles, average pace 11:32. We stopped at the top of our little in-town ski hill to watch a couple of pairs of racers in a freestyle (moguls and jumps) competition. Weird to see the snow formed on the run with bare hillside all around it!
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It's been gorgeous weather here - sunny, dry, and (relatively) warm. Not good news for the ski areas, agriculture, the spring rafting season, or the summer fire season, but it makes for nice running. (Um, apologies to all my friends in the midwest and northeast?)

Monday - 9.7 miles with 12x(90sec hard, 90sec jog). The hard bits averaged 6:44 pace, overall avg 8:30 pace.

Tuesday - 5.3 trail run, slow and creaky. Avg pace 12:30 which is about 75sec slower than usual!

Wednesday - 8 miles at 9:08 pace. Felt achy; I think I was still not yet recovered from Monday's hard workout, which is why:

Thursday - 7.2 miles, failed tempo. First three miles were with Britt, comfortable, starting at 9:12 pace and getting slightly faster each mile. Next half mile I did strides, bringing my pace to 8:23. The plan was 4 miles @7:15-7:25, but after just a few tenths of a mile my stomach started cramping. I slowed down and folded the waist of my running tights down, to not press on my stomach, and eventually it went away, but that mile averaged 8:04, way off plan. I started to accelerate again, and this time my legs started hurting. After half a mile I gave up and slowed again...and I kept slowing. I just hurt all over, from my toes to my hips. I cut my run short and even walked up a hill on the way home - my pace in the last 2 miles of my run was almost 10:30 on average! Overall pace of 9:17 hides a multitude of sins...

Friday - skiing! Sunny warm day, conditions not all that great but adequate.

Saturday - 9.1 miles trail running. I decided to check out 'Snakecharmer', a new mountain bike trail running down from Raider Ridge; my plan was to run up it, with it hopefully being a better route than climbing 'Babyhead Hill' which is so steep I have to walk most of it. It was still quite steep, but more pleasant, and then I was up on the beautiful ridge.

As many of you know, on Saturday runners were asked to participate in 'Meg's Miles' (#megsmiles, in honor of Meg Menzies, a Virginia runner who was struck and killed by a (possibly drunk) driver while running last week. Runners were encouraged to log miles on a Googledocs spreadsheet, mark their locations on a map, and take photos of their run and post them to the Facebook event or the Twitter hashtag. I took my new smartphone (I have a smartphone now! It's a Nexus 5! I am still figuring it out!) and took a couple of shots:

IMG_20140118_120047 IMG_20140118_121329

Yes, it's the dorkiest selfie ever. Look at the mountains, not at me!

I don't yet have an armband for carrying the phone - I'm not planning on carrying it on most runs, anyway - but it was a perfect opportunity to test the Gregory Pace 3 hydration pack I got as an award for being the female masters winner at The Other Half. I was dubious about the way it strapped high across the chest with no waistband (though waistbands tend to be uncomfortable while running) but it was awesome - fit tight to my back and didn't bounce even as I ran on rough trails. The only thing I didn't like was that the bite valve tasted icky, but I'm sure that will go away with time.

Anyway, my average pace was almost 13 minute miles, but according to my mapping software the total elevation gain and loss was almost 1100 feet (the biggest part of which was 665 feet in 1.5 miles!), so.

Sunday - 7 miles easy with a few strides in the middle and 8x12sec hill sprints at the end. 9:00 average pace.

Total was 46.4 miles, a little less than last week but I got two trail runs in. Next week I'll try to push closer to 50, though I won't be able to run Tuesday morning as I'm judging a middle school science fair.
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I'm fully recovered from CIM and looking ahead to my next goal race, the Canyonlands half marathon in ten weeks. I kind of liked the exercise of writing out my running weeks leading up to CIM, so I'm going to get back at it.

Between CIM (December 8th) and now I took off one week entirely, ran 12 miles the next week and 34 the following, all easy. Then last week I started throwing in strides and progressions (running faster at the end of a run), and got up to 45.6 miles. My plan is to nudge up to around 50mpw and hold that until Canyonlands. With the lower mpw I think I can handle two formal quality days, so I'm going to try to run speed on Mondays, tempo runs on Thursdays. And also, ski on Fridays. :-)

Monday - 8.5 miles with 15x (1 min hard, 1.5 min easy). The work intervals averaged 6:41 but varied widely. Overall average pace 8:38.

Tuesday - 5.3 easy, 9:15 average pace.

Wednesday - 7.5 trail! Yes, trail running in January! I have found if I go early enough in the day, the mud is still frozen, but the packed snow has enough dirt on it now that it's not too icy. Ended with 6x10 sec hill sprints. Avg pace 11:34.

Thursday - 10.4 miles; the first 3.6 were with Britt, so easy warm-up, though I got him to do strides with me toward the end. Then I did the first of the half-marathon alternation workouts from this article by Steve Magness: Workouts to Improve Lactate Clearing Rates, 6 miles alternating 0.25m at HMP+5 sec/mile with 0.75m at HMP+40 sec/mile. I converted from metric since I did these on the path rather than on a track; I also used my current rather than goal HMP, more or less. The 'on' intervals averaged 7:19 pace, the 'off' 7:56. Average overall pace was 8:20.

Friday - skiing! It was a lovely snowy day at Purgatory with the first new snow in about a month.

Saturday - 12.4 miles on a hilly route, 8:47 avg pace. In shorts and short sleeves. :-)

Sunday - 4.3 miles easy, average pace 9:04, 8x12 sec hill sprints at the end.

Total 48.5.
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December 1st, so I'm using my Santa-hatted mountain icon (made for me by [personal profile] blnchflr). And also, ONE WEEK TO CIM! Yay! Yikes!

The first thing I want to say is to reassure those of you who read my most recent post that after several days of rest and aggressive self-massage/foam rolling/icing, my mysterious calf injury seems to have retreated. I'm pretty sure it's related to my ongoing peroneal tendon issues (the ankle bone's connected to the knee bone, as it were) and possibly even to the iliac crest pain I've been having lately. I'm also pretty sure it's not going to be a problem for the race, hooray. And three days of rest during taper is not going to destroy all the training I've put in. (However, the three pounds of fat I have put on...maybe!)

Okay, on to the (abbreviated) week:

Monday - 6 miles easy (9:07 avg pace) with 8x10sec hill sprints. I think this is where I did whatever bad thing I did to my calf, because it was tight that night and the next morning.

Tuesday - 9.9 miles with 3GMP, 3 min easy, 3HMP. Looked like this: 8:53, 8:24, 7:43, 7:44, 7:39, 8:14 (3 minutes), 7:18, 7:21, 7:20, 9:07, 9:15 (.5 mile). Overall pace 8:01, a real solid workout. (This is partly to brag, and partly to remind myself that see? I'm in great shape for my race! No excuses! I can do it!)

Wednesday through Friday - no running. I walked 3 miles on Wednesday and I did my core exercises on Wednesday and Friday, and foam-rolled and massaged my calf twice a day.

Saturday - 4.2 miles easy at 8:30 pace. Yeah, when you take 3 days off, you can run faster. I was tempted to keep going but this was a test. The peroneal tendon at my ankle hurt when I started but loosened up with the run.

Sunday - 10.4 miles easy but hilly, 8:36 average pace. Felt fine other than the same initial pain in the PT, hooray.

Total 30.5 miles, about 2/3 of what I'd planned for the week but it's really no biggie at this point.

While I was sitting on my butt not running, I indulged in a bit of retail therapy and ordered a new Garmin 610 to replace my 305, which has experienced a recent dramatic decline in battery life. Possibly wearing it while hiking all day in England contributed, but anyway, it's three years old and I bought it when it was already nearly obsolete. In fact, I bought my 305 almost exactly three years ago, when retailers were deeply discounting older GPS watches as the new ones were being rolled out for the Christmas shopping season, and that's why I got the 610 - the 620 is now the hottest newest, and so the 610 is on sale all over the net (as is the 210 in the wake of the 220, and so on). I even splurged for 2-day shipping, so it is supposed to arrive Tuesday - good thing, as I got low-battery warnings from the 305 today on my run only an hour in! I just hope I can figure out how to use it before the race.

But even if I can't keep track of out how fast I'm going, you guys can. Online tracking for CIM is up and available at - my bib number is 7873. You can set up alerts or just check the website periodically. There will be timing at 5.9M, 13.1M, 20M, and the finish. Also, I've set it up (I think!) so that my splits will automatically post to Facebook.

One week! Aie!
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Last big training week, last long run. Now I just need to keep from getting injured, not catch Britt's cold, and avoid eating ALL THE PIE at Thanksgiving.

Monday - 5.4 recovery at 9:33 average pace and a nice low heart rate.

Tuesday - 8.2 miles trail running at 11:13, felt slow and creaky at first but loosened up. 8x10 sec hill sprints at end.

Wednesday - 12.3 with 8 at GMP which averaged 7:42 (7:48, 7:47, 7:39, 7:42, 7:41, 7:39, 7:38, 7:45). Felt really good, HR where I wanted it. Overall pace was 8:03.

Thursday - 6.5 easy in drizzle, 8:53 pace.

Friday - 10.7 in rain. Started out easy but then I threw some strides in, and it just got me going faster, ending with 8:30 average pace.

Saturday - 6.6 hilly (over the mesa) avg 9:03, which I managed to time during a lull in the day's drizzle.

Sunday - I woke up and it looked like this:

Wet snow on the ground, light snow falling. I headed out ready to turn back if it was miserable, but it was surprisingly pleasant. It was just warm enough that the snow on the paved surfaces melted immediately (except for on bridges, which were slushy). I did have a sinking spell during miles 6-8 (my slowest), during which I decided several times to turn around early, and then talked myself out of it. At the turn-around, I realized I'd made the tactical error of running with the wind at my back on the way out, meaning that the wind was in my face on the way back...but somehow I actually felt better, and ran faster in the second half, and really enjoyed the rest of the run. Total 16 miles, 8:41 avg pace (8:51 out, 8:32 back).

Total of 65.7 miles. I really do feel like I'm peaking and ready for the race. Even though my mileage has been consistent - I haven't yet really dropped into a taper - my paces have been noticeably zippier recently, at no higher heart rates than usual. Cross your fingers that nothing horrible happens to me in the next two weeks!
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Or, miles what I have run lately. A lot of them. I am...really looking forward to taper.

Monday - 9 miles trail running averaging 11:16 pace. I felt slow and creaky, but that's actually a fairly typical pace for this route, only slightly slower than usual.

Tuesday - 9.9 miles as 2 easy, 3x (2GMP, 2 min easy-but-not-too-easy), then easy home. I faded a little toward the end but overall it was a good run: 9:00, 8:37, 7:45, 7:43, 8:24 (2 min), 7:42, 7:45, 8:32 (2 min), 7:47, 7:48, 9:28 (2 min), 8:59. It's pretty hard for me to maintain MP outside of a race, particularly while my mileage is high, so I'm not too worried. The one thing that did worry me was my HR seemed on the high side for these paces.

Wednesday - 8.3 miles easy-ish. Or rather, I started easy, but as I got into the groove I allowed myself to speed up, as long as my HR stayed in the easy range. 9:28, 9:11, 9:02, 8:52, 8:32, 8:27, 8:28, 8:31, 9:11 (.3). Overall average pace 8:50.

Thursday - 9.1 miles on the trail, with 6x10 sec hill sprints near the end on the community ski hill (where I have never actually skied). Avg pace 11:01.

Friday - 6.4 easy with strides, avg pace 8:50.

Saturday - 6.8 easy-ish, or what I call the hard end of easy; avg pace 8:33. Ended with 6x10 sec hill sprints on the last hill home. I have slacked on my hill sprints in the last few weeks and so I did two easy sets this week, but wow, I shouldn't slack, they are fun!

Sunday - My last 20-miler of the cycle! Well, to be honest I haven't actually done ANY 20-milers, and this one wasn't 20, either; it makes a very nice 19.3 mile loop to run up one side of the Animas Valley, cross at Trimble road, and run back down the other (I try to alternate clockwise and counterclockwise) so that is what I do. And did. This was a 'hard long run' aiming at 2 miles warm-up and the rest between 8:10 and 8:30 pace (that is, my GMP+5-10%). (For me, this is a hard long run! But a lot of my friends with similar PRs run that kind of pace all the time.)

Anyway, this was a solid workout for me to cap a solid week of 68.8 miles, again (barely) setting a new mileage high. Next week will have more MP miles, a shorter LR, and a slightly lighter mileage load; I'm going to aim at 60+ but not many +, as it were. Then 40-45 the following week, and 20ish the week before the marathon.
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This week I ran 67.9 miles, which beats out last week's 66.7 as my new biggest mileage week! I may or may not exceed it this week, but if I do it won't be by much. And then comes taper. HOORAY.

Some good runs, some bad ones, some shoe talk, and second-guessing my marathon goal pace. )
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Okay, recovery week is over! Time to start focusing on that little 26.2 race coming up in December.

Monday - I still felt tired and creaky from the hard 17.5 I did on Saturday, so I ran my 7.8 trail miles easy-peasy.

Tuesday - 11.8 as a progression: first 6 miles averaged 9:06, next 3 8:50, next 2 8:15, and then I tried to run half a mile at MP-ish (7:45) but only managed 7:51. Average overall 8:53.

Wednesday - 10.5 miles on a hilly route (up/down) with strides. Felt pretty good, 8:32 average pace.

Thursday - finally got to my tempo run, and it went well! 10 miles with 5 at HMP-ish averaging 7:22, overall average 7:56.

Friday - 7.1 miles on the trails at 11:10 pace, plus 4 10-sec hill sprints. I woke up with some iliac crest pain (that's the pointy part of the hipbone) and didn't want to push the sprints, since I was planning a long run the next day.

Saturday - 19.5 miles in the Animas Valley on a beautiful day! This was a great and confidence-building run. The plan was to go easy early and try for a mild progression toward about MP+10%; I set an early floor of 8:50 pace and it was surprisingly hard to go slower than that! Then I allowed myself to go as fast as 8:40 through mile 10, then 8:30-8:40, and trying to run around 8:30 or faster for the last 3 miles. It worked great: 1-4 averaged 8:53, 5-10 8:44, 11-16 8:37, and miles 17-19 8:30. (The last half mile was at 9:30 pace. Hey, cool-down, right?) Total average pace was 8:42, which - okay, I don't place much weight on training run pace, but this run was not just faster but ended stronger than the same run I did four weeks before my 3:29 at Houston, which was 19.3 miles at 8:58 average pace, and I slowed to ~9:15 in the last several miles. So I'm thinking this is a good sign.

Sunday - 'rest' day. And by the quotes I mean that actually I need to rake leaves today, and then go to the in-laws' and cut firewood. So, not all that restful. But no running.

Total for the week 66.7, booyah!
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It was so much work writing up my Other Half race report that I never got around to writing up my week's runs! So you get two for the price of one this week. :-)

Taper week plus recovery week equals fewer miles, but that's okay. I wanted to be sufficiently rested going into the race, but I also didn't want to stint on miles since my ultimate goal is my December marathon, and that means keeping my mileage relatively high and relatively consistent. So I 'front-loaded' my week, running more early in the week and less later.

October 14-20: 57.7 miles )

October 21-27: 55.2 miles )

Coming next week: 65-ish miles ending with a 20-ish mile run, and also, cutting firewood. Also, rain/snow is forecast for midweek. Happy Halloween!
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So, um, I didn't get around to posting any of the stuff I talked about last time. But here's what I did this week:

Monday - 5.8 miles on the trails easy, 11:25 pace and super-low HR. I was still a bit tired out from the previous day's 19.3.

Tuesday - Lousy tempo run, 11.7 miles total with 6 miles that were supposed to be at half-marathon pace but were at 7:34, on the slow side. Then again, my heart rate was also lower than half-marathon heart rate - closer to marathon-pace HR (but certainly not effort). Overall pace 8:14.

Wednesday - 8.6 mile trail run, again just taking it easy at 11:19 pace, felt pretty good.

Thursday - It rained pretty hard in the morning, and so I waited until things slacked to a drizzle before going out. I pushed a bit and ended up with 6.4 miles at 8:36 pace, but my HR stayed in the 'easy run' range, yay! My timing worked out pretty well: after I'd come home and showered, I looked out the window and saw it was snowing!


Friday - 10.1 miles, pushing hard again which was kind of stupid as my right peroneal tendon was aching (this is an old injury which pops its head up every so often) but I was spurred on by a Facebook friend/rival's post about her runs, which have been faster and better than mine lately, grr. 8:36 pace again, HR a bit higher than the previous day.

Saturday - I was to be a course marshal for the Durango Double's trail races, so I woke early and ran to my station with my pack stuffed with warm clothes, a thermos of coffee, granola bars, and my backpacking chair. I haven't run much right around sunrise and it was lovely. The trails were slightly muddy from the rain and snow, but still frozen solid when I headed out; unfortunately it had melted into mud by the time the racers came by. It was plenty slippery when the last runner passed my station and I packed up and headed back down, and I fell hard within the first 10 minutes, landing on my right index finger which still hurts an awful lot! I also felt tired and my peroneal tendon was screaming by the time I got home. 8.6 miles total, 12:22 average pace. (That pack was heavy!)

Sunday - I also had volunteered to work the finish line at the road races from 12-3:30 and so I had to get my run in early. My peroneal tendon still hurt, and I also forgot to bring my water bottle but didn't feel like heading back for it, so I made some loops back and forth around the rec center (where I could stop at the water fountain) and cut my run relatively short, to about 13 miles. After the first 6 miles easy I was feeling okay so I did a Squires Long Run (well, not really so long): a 90-second surge of fast running (5K-10K pace) at the beginning of every mile. This really sped up my average mile pace in the second half of the run, and my average pace ended up at 8:43.

Total this week was 64.4 miles, which is a lot considering the longest run was only 13 miles! Next week will be a small cutback as I taper a bit for my Sunday half marathon, and the following week will be lower as well for recovery.
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I ran 64.8 miles last week, a new high for the cycle (though not an all-time high), including the Journey of Hope 5K which...did not go as planned. I am 0 for 2 in race selection, apparently )

Recap of the rest of the week )

Actually, I have a lot of things I want to post about. In addition to heart rate nattering, I want to talk about racing weight (and why some people gain weight when they run, and others lose it, and what my weight has been doing this year), and about my core routine and hip strengthening exercises, and of course about race strategies and goals for my upcoming half marathon. So, um, watch this space!
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I was just rereading my last post, in which I said that the next (this past) week would be a cutback, and I'd aim for upper 50s anyway, and AHAHAHA not really, apparently, because I hit a new mileage high for this cycle of 64.2 miles:

Day by day details )

In which I fail to keep the rubber side down on Sunday's long run, ow. )

Then today I ran an easy 8.3 (11:25 pace) on the trails, and everything ached a little but nothing hurt too badly. I decided not to do hill sprints because I still feel sore when I breathe hard, and when I was almost back home my knees and thighs started feeling sore and tired. I am probably going to defer my tempo planned for tomorrow until Wednesday. I don't want to put it off too long, though, because I want to run a 5K on Saturday.

Today's run put me at 254.3 miles for the month of September, which is an all-time high for me! (Not by much; last October I ran 252.8.)
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A pretty good week. Also, I turned 50 on Wednesday.

Monday - 7 miles of trail running. First time in a week on the trails because of the rains, and they were washed out in places, with a little avoidable mud. Pace averaged 11:42, a little on the slow side, but I figure that's partly due to Saturday's race.

Tuesday - 8.5 miles of easy running, 9:05 pace, with 8x10 sec hill sprints at the end.

Wednesday - a birthday tempo! Two miles easy with strides to warm up, 5 tempo: 7:24, 7:26, 7:33, 7:20, 7:41, then easy home for 10 total. HR for tempo averaged 84% of my working heart rate, right in the half marathon pace zone (by the spreadsheet downloadable from It's a little slower than I'd like, but felt good. Overall pace 8:07, pretty fast for me!

Thursday - easy-ish 6.4 miles, with strides which made the overall pace faster than usual at 8:42.

Friday - Back to the trails for 8.9 miles on a particularly steep (and beautiful) route. Averaged 12:19 pace, but also included over a thousand feet of climbing.

Saturday - another easy trail run, this one with my husband. About 5.5 miles at 11:24 average pace.

Sunday - Storms moved in overnight, and I headed out on a planned 18-miler as soon as the rain quit mid-morning. First 4 miles around 9:10 pace, next 9 averaged 8:50...and then it started to rain. Then it started to pour. Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, muddy water flowed across the road, and the temperature dropped significantly. So did my speed. I must have looked as miserable as I felt, because at mile 15.3, a guy in a Subaru rolled down the window and asked if I wanted a ride, and I took it.

Later that day - after I'd showered and eaten and was all warm and cozy again - yet another storm came in, and it was a doozy. I was glad to be indoors! (I posted some photos of the hail at our house on Facebook - you should be able to see this even if you don't have an account:

Anyway, I still managed a total of 61.7 miles for the week. Next week will be a little bit of a cutback as I'm going on an overnight retreat for a nonprofit I'm involved with and will not run one and maybe two days, but I am still planning on upper-50s mileage.
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Yep, I'm nothing if not consistent. (Which I've found to be really important for the marathon; consistent high-ish mileage especially leading up to the race is a real predictor for me. So if I can manage to keep this up and not get injured, I'm going to have an awesome race. *knocks wood*)

Details )

ETA: sorry about the bad formatting! All fixed now.
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Six days, sixty miles, just as planned. Hooray!

Details )

Next week I am aiming at 60 again, with a 10K race on the weekend, yikes.


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