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As some of you know, after my glorious victory at the Canyonlands 5-mile I had a relapse of the lung rot that had plagued me since the first week of March. When it just seemed to be getting worse I went to the clinic and was diagnosed with bronchitis and prescribed a number of things, including an antibiotic "to take if you don't get better in a couple of days," because apparently these viruses often mask bacterial infections. I got worse and began taking the antibiotic a week ago, and things turned the corner pretty quickly after that, and today I went for a run for the first time in ten days.

It was extremely slow. I coughed every so often. But those problems, I know, are temporary. What may not be temporary is that my gluteus medius ached - not horribly, but enough to concern me. I had noticed the butt-pain starting to return last week, in fact, which dismayed me since I wasn't doing any physical activity at all.

The spine guy had said that it often takes more than one shot to fix the kind of problem I had. I hope I don't have to do it again - it's expensive (I've maxed out my deductible, but I still have a co-pay which comes out to about $500, and even though it's not a problem for me financially it freaks me out a bit - and my insurance company is beginning to get nervous, which makes ME nervous) and it's a bit of a hassle/pain.

I am going to try to work on those core exercises, keep running, and see what happens. I guess if things get worse (or don't get better) I will have to get a second cortisone shot. I hope I don't have to. I also hope I'm smart enough to see if I DO have to, and do it.

I had mentioned in earlier posts that I'd really put on weight - well, for me, that is - but I was working on getting rid of it.

In October 2014, when I got injured, my weight was in the 114-116 range (which is what I consider my ideal non-racing weight - I like to be a few pounds lighter than that for racing), but as I was unable to run or do any real xt much after that, my weight went up. And up. I started making a conscious effort to eat less, and I was able to start exercising a little, in early January. My weight topped out at 125.2 near the end of January (all-time high for me). Since then, fortunately, it's been dropping!

I had a small plateau in the 118-120 range, then a sudden drop to 117-ish when I got sick in early March and my appetite diminished. I maintained that, mostly, after I was running and eating again, but then I got sick again, and my weight dropped again.

So I'm back at 115 (actually, since 3/31). But my bf% as measured by my bodyfat scale is 17.6-17.8. When I passed 115 on the way down during my PR season of autumn 2013, my bf% was 16.9-17.2. Which I think is a pretty clear indication that while my weight may be back at my 'normal', I'm not as fit as I was before at that weight. Which of course I can tell just by looking in the mirror or at my Garmin when I run.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious I'm not running Boston - I'm not even doing the scenic tour as a run/walk, which some of my injured friends will be doing. My longest run was under 12 miles, four weeks ago. I'm actually not too bothered by this, since once actually racing it was off the table, nothing else mattered. I'll go to Boston and be social, and then I'm heading down to visit my family in Maryland.

Normally I would be running the Steamworks Half Marathon in early June, but when I registered it was already sold out. I am on the waiting list, but I'm inclined to pass if I get in, because I just don't see that I can run a decent half with only a couple months of preparation. (I'll volunteer instead, which I've done twice before.) I might register for the Thirsty Thirteen, a new local half I volunteered for last year. Otherwise I'll just do a few local 5K and 10Ks if the timing works, and aim at The Other Half in October, and maybe a late fall/early winter marathon.

But I still have a lot on my plate even if I don't race much this year. In mid-June we're going on a backpacking trip with friends (a yearly trip we do together) in the mountains here, and as soon as we get back, I'm going to the Breckenridge conference my work group puts on yearly - I missed the last two years for England and another conference, respectively, so I'm looking forward to it. (I usually get in some mountain biking and trail running while I'm there!) We'll try to get in some other backpacking at least over long weekends (like Memorial Day and 4th of July), and then in mid-August we're going on a river rafting trip in northern Colorado. And I'm going to have to get myself in shape for that - I want to row my little raftlet rather than be a passenger - so we'll probably do a bunch of Animas runs this spring, and maybe try to get out on weekends, get a San Juan cancellation permit or run other non-permit-controlled rivers.

And one of these days we want to get out for a real vacation again!
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