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Date: 2016-07-18 04:47 pm (UTC)
ilanarama: me, The Other Half, Moab UT 2009 (Default)
From: [personal profile] ilanarama
Thanks so much! We didn't do much of the singletrack due to mud and boggy conditions. I wish we had done the Gas Wells or Mexico Mines (or both) singletrack options on the day to Wedding Bell Hut, but we started out on the "mud route" and nobody wanted to ride 5 miles of highway to get to the singletrack. We did ride the Kokopelli Trail and the UPS (upper Porcupine Rim) on the last day, which was plenty - the problem is when your bike is loaded and you are tired, you don't really want to do super-technical stuff, and it sounded to us as though Moonlight Meadows and Burro Pass would both be pushing it.

We brought the Hero tool that is linked on the SJHS website - it's versatile, lightweight, and useful - and another multitool with blades and pliers. We brought a pump, patch kit, extra glue, spare tubes, one spare tire, misc hex bolts, chain links and pins, tire patch material, oil, and sandpaper (for smoothing brakes). Some of the party brought spare tires for their bike wheel sizes, and extra spokes. We actually ended up doing a lot of adjusting and lubricating but not needing any of our spares (though we used all our oil and wished we'd brought more - ended up using cooking oil at the huts, and sunscreen on the road, as lubricants!) though when Brian's rack broke we used misc straps to rig his panniers and luggage as a backpack for him and on other bikes. We had one flat tire (Glenn's) but he'd put goo in it and after we pumped it up again it held air.

I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip! The weather is key - August is likely to have afternoon thunderstorms daily, so if you can get moving early you may be able to beat them. Good luck!

I will add that most of us ran tubeless (with goo). We also had made sure our bikes were in good shape - three of us had new bikes.
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