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Britt left on a river trip on Thursday afternoon - he'll be back later tonight - and so I had the weekend to myself. Which I kind of like. (I could have gone on the river trip, but 1) I didn't want to take a day off work, because I'm quite busy, 2) it was a harder trip than I feel prepared for at the moment, as we haven't taken the boats out yet, 3) I'm really focused on my half marathon in 3 weeks and didn't want to miss 3 days of running, 4) the group of people wasn't one I know other than one person - so I opted out.) What I did instead:

Friday: I worked. And I made mint chocolate chip ice cream. And I wrote, and I read.

Saturday: I went trail running early in the morning, then went to the Farmer's Market (too late, alas, for the greens; I bought eggs and cheese and spring onions), then washed some of our windows. In the afternoon I went on a mountain bike ride (and have the scrapes to prove it, alas), and then, um, I pigged out on some of yesterday's ice cream. I did three loads of laundry. And then I wrote and read and goofed off on the net in the evening.

Sunday: Long run (14 miles, nice and slow and easy), followed by Taste of Durango; it's the festival season now, so pretty much every weekend Main Ave. is closed down for something. This is a benefit for the soup kitchen in which all the local restaurants and breweries have booths where you can buy little portions of something (food or drink) for $1-$6. There was music by a local bluegrass band, Waiting on Trial who were quite frankly AWESOME and I was amazed I hadn't heard of them before. Then I went home and washed more windows (go me!) and then got a wild hair to buy some plants and put them in our yard, so I did that (we'll see if the tomatoes survive the deer; I'm guessing they won't), and mowed the lawn for good measure.

Now it's Sunday night. I watched the partial solar eclipse with a pinhole; I thought about driving to where it would be annular, about 90 minutes away, but decided to just sit on the patio with ice cream and hang out. I guess I'll pour myself another glass of wine and read some more. And tomorrow is Monday.
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I seem to have tripped and accidentally registered for the New York City Marathon in early November. Oops?

Okay, there's actually a longer story here. The NYCM is a mega-big race with a lottery entry in which only about 10% of entrants get in (although if you come from overseas you can get in automatically through a package deal), however, there are various ways to get a guaranteed entry. One is through a qualifying time which is actually more stringent than Boston's; for 40-49 women it is a sub-3:38 marathon or 1:44 half, so my 3:29 at Houston gets me in. Actually, my 1:43:xx at The Other Half in October qualified me, and I started thinking about it then.

That's because, beginning next year, the qualifying standards are tightening significantly across the board. For me, I'd need a sub-3:21 marathon or a sub-1:34 half; the latter is certainly a goal of mine, but I've still got a long way to go. A lot of my friends who qualified under the old standards won't make it under the new either, and many of them who had not run NYCM before decided this was their last chance, and signed up. My frequent race roomie Karah ([ profile] tiredmamarunning) qualified the year before, and then decided to defer, so she's running in 2012. I thought about it hard, and decided that I just wasn't up for an expensive megamarathon, and told all my friends to have a good time in New York without me.

Unfortunately, I rapidly wilt under the combined pressure of deadline and friends (which is why I signed up for Houston last year), and Monday was, as every freakin' runner on my Facebook page let me know, the OMG LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR NEW YORK!!1!one! I did.
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It took me longer than I expected to ramp my running back up after Houston; that calf cramp in mile 23 when I unwisely accelerated to HMP must have been the sign of a strain or tear, because it kept hurting during my runs, sometimes acutely. I took more time off than I had planned, and did a lot of fairly slow running, but I'm finally back up to around 50mpw - not as much as I had wanted, but it will do. Now it's time to start adding some speedwork as I focus on shorter distances, leading up to the Canyonlands Half in March and the Steamworks Half in June.

Which means - gulp - running a 5K. The 5K distance is a good one for beginners who are just trying to cover the distance faster than their usual training run, but once you get to the relatively competitive level, you realize that the 5K is a diabolical, awful distance, because you have to run FAST. I like marathons. Marathon pace is only a bit faster than your easy pace, because you have to conserve your energy and judge your fatigue. A 5K, though, is balls-to-the-wall (ovaries-to-the-wall?) puking territory. Which I am not so good at.

I get a lot of ribbing by fellow runners for having a 10K PR (43:06) which is considerably faster than twice my 5K PR (22:14). The thing is, that 10K is net downhill and at an elevation ~2500 ft lower than here. (I only justify driving almost 3 hours to run a 10K by the fact that it gets me a guaranteed entry to the Canyonlands Half. I cannot justify the drive for a 5K!)

My 5K PR is from two years ago; last year I ran the same course 12 seconds slower, partly because I lost sight of the runner ahead (it was a tiny race, fewer than 40 runners) and I'm better at chasing than I am at time-trialing on my own. The 5K on Saturday should have at least 150 runners. But it is a slightly harder course, because it starts downhill and ends uphill rather than the other way around as the other course did, and I have been doing almost zero fast running, so I'm not expecting a PR. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to TRY.

The real reason I'm running it is because, as I said, I'm not very good at time-trialing on my own. I'm lousy at running "5K pace" unless I'm actually running a 5K. This should be a good workout, whether I PR or not. Because the Canyonlands Half is coming up in (*gulp*) three weeks, and that is a race I really do want to PR!
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Of running, that is. Although the week's awesomeness was enhanced by Britt arriving on Thursday; he's been out of town on a work thing for the last two weeks, and I have missed him. (And not just because having him gone means I have to kill ALL the spiders and wash ALL the dishes.) We spent the afternoon cutting firewood on his folks' ranch, then joined them for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.

But I want to talk about running. The story so far: injury, recovery, another injury scare, and getting back on my feet. )

So, my awesome week. )

Next Saturday is the Winter Sun 10K. It amazed me last year how fast I was able to run it; the combination of the downhill course and the lower elevation meant that I could sustain paces I just can't run in training here. So I'm still a little dubious that I can run it EVEN FASTER. But...maybe I can. I'm feeling good, I'm feeling fast, I'm feeling strong. And I could really use even a measly PR, since so far this year I am 0 for 4 in my PR goals. So, I'm going to give it a really good try. And we'll see what happens.
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I must go down to the store again, to the local grocery
And all I ask is some vegetables and a box of herbal tea.

-inspired by my empty fridge and John Masefield
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The photos from The Other Half are out! Here's a Flickr "guest pass" link to one I particularly like:

I'm linking this way, rather than making it public so I can link it inline, because I don't actually own this photo, and sharing it is a copyright violation. I don't want anyone to randomly or through searches come across my copy of this photo (which I obtained through screen capture and cropping). I'm not locking this journal entry, though, because I want to vent publicly. If the photographer wants me to take down the image, I will. But only if he reads this first.

I would actually like to support race photographers. )
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So hey! Yesterday was my birthday! It was a pleasant day in a low-key way, but the best thing about it was that I went on a NINE MILE trail run. That's the longest I've run since my stress fracture back in April, and makes for the most distance in a week since then, 31 miles. (My "running week" runs Monday through Sunday.)

And today I registered for The Other Half Marathon in Moab UT, which incidentally (the 2009 race) is where the photo I use for my 'running' userpic came from. ) It's a beautiful course through the Colorado River canyon, a well-organized race, and there is free local microbrew at the finish. If I run the Winter Sun 10K in December (which I plan on), then since I also ran Canyonlands in March, I will have the "triple crown" of races put on by this organization; this will get me a guaranteed entry to Canyonlands next spring, bypassing the lottery. Finally, I always share a room with a friend from Grand Junction and we make a bit of a party weekend out of it.

On the other hand, after a summer of no running while my metatarsal healed, I'm totally not in half marathon shape. Or at least I'm not by my own current standards. I'll be more prepared than I was when I ran my second half marathon, but I feel less prepared - I suppose because my definition of 'prepared' has changed over the years. )
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I spent last Thursday night at a county planning commission meeting, which started at 6pm and ended at about 10:45, and I was there for the whole thing, and...I wasn't bored. Not a bit. Which is weird, because in general, I hate meetings. But this one was interesting and infuriating, in turns.

I went because, at the monthly meeting of the county Democratic party (which I didn't attend, because I hate meetings, but Britt did, because he's on the executive committee) a couple people mentioned that the new county comprehensive plan (a policy document which outlines growth and resource management guidelines for the next twenty years) was being reviewed in several-chapter chunks by the planning commission, and the Tea Party types were showing up en masse and effectively drowning out the few liberal voices during the public comment period.

The comp plan has been in process for nearly two years, and I attended one of the public meetings and answered a survey on it; and anyway, when the draft plan was put up on the county website, I liked what I saw, so I figured I'd just go and give my "I like this plan!" opinion, to counter the anti-progressive types.

Before the part of the meeting that would deal with chapters 5-7 of the comprehensive plan, the planning commission had its regular business. Some people who knew this deliberately showed up late, and others were visibly bored (reading ebooks or texting), but I enjoyed it: at worst it seemed like democracy at work, and at best it was better than a movie made from a John Grisham novel.

The planning commission is a board of five county residents appointed by the county commissioners. Typically what happens is that the county staff presents a petition by someone, and their findings and recommendations; the petitioner speaks, the public is allowed to speak, and the board asks questions at each step. Finally they discuss the petition and vote on whether to allow or disallow it, and any conditions they will impose.

For the most part, this went quickly and smoothly...but then came the John Grisham novel. )

Finally, at nearly 8pm, the comp plan review began. And I was flabbergasted! I had thought that they would take citizen input first, and then, based on that, evaluate the plan. But instead the planning commissioners went through the assigned chapters and hacked the plan to bits. That is, they removed everything that a liberal, such as me, would approve of, and occasionally inserted language asserting the primacy of property rights, business owners, and farmers and ranchers, and constantly complained about how the government is overreaching and ought to be smacked down.

Whatta bunch of tea-brains. )

Here is the letter to the editor I wrote the next day: )

I'm going to miss the next meeting - next Thursday - because I'm going to be out of town. (I'm going to ECUADOR! Whee!) But I've been reviewing the draft plan chapters that will be covered then, and sending an email to the county planner, who hopefully will pass it on to the planning commission. (The planning commission chair said that they accept public comment by email, but there's no obvious place to send it, alas.) I've put the final two meetings on my calendar.

I always hated meetings. They're boring. Except somehow this one wasn't. And I imagine the next ones won't be, either.

At this rate, I'm gonna end up applying for a seat on one of the county citizen boards. Ulp.
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I started out writing this post in chronological, logical, first A then B order, but I don't want you guys to get bored and miss the points, so, in an effort not to bury the lede, as it were:

1) If you read this journal, don't have a Dreamwidth account, but would like one (either for commenting here or elsewhere, or for using it as, you know, a journal/blog/feed aggregator/social networky thing), I have a metric crapton of invite codes! Choose one, go to the account creation page, and make your account. (Then comment here and tell me you did it, so I can cross off the code you used.)

Codes )

2) If you don't have and don't want an account, I encourage those of you with logins on other blogging/social networking sites to set up your OpenID on Dreamwidth and comment with it. If you have a login on Wordpress, Blogger, LJ, Google, Flickr, Yahoo, or a bunch of other places, you can use that login here with OpenID. The advantages of doing this, as opposed to leaving anonymous comments, are that a) you can have replies to your comment automagically emailed to you, and b) I can give your OpenID "access" (as I do with nearly all regular DW accounts which subscribe to me) so that if you are logged in, you can read my locked posts (not that I make many, but I can imagine making posts I don't want visible to J. Random Passerby). ETA: And c), which I forgot to mention, you don't need to answer a CAPTCHA "prove you are a human" test, which I have enabled for anonymous commenters because I get occasional commentspam.

I know some people have had trouble logging in with OpenID, so here is a quick primer: )

3) Of course, you don't need an account to comment here. You are always welcome to comment anonymously, although I'd prefer you leave your name so I know who you are.

tl;dr about how I use this journal )
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I took my cat in to the vet the other day for her annual exam and shots. The tech took her temperature and weighed her: "Nine point one five pounds," she announced, and I was a bit bemused that the scale weighed to such a level of precision, but figured with smaller animals it made sense. Then one of the vets (or a woman I presumed was the vet; fortunately Kitty hasn't had a lot of emergencies, so I don't really know the staff there) came in and looked at the paperwork. "Nine point one five pounds, and she was nine point two last year, so she's even lost a little weight, good."

(I know that nine or ten pounds doesn't sound like a particularly heavy cat, but she's a tiny thing with short legs and a stumpy tail. She's small and round, and actually, quite adorable. But she is most definitely overweight.)

I frowned. I didn't think she'd lost weight. I went over to the scale and pressed my hand on it, watching the numbers climb. And I noticed the decimal turnover: 5.8, 5.9, 5.10, 5.15 and then 6. "I think the tech misread the scale," I said. "It's not in fractions, it's in pounds and ounces. She's nine pounds fifteen ounces, just under ten pounds, so she's gained weight."

"No, it's nine point one five, see? There's a chart on the side so you can convert to ounces."

"But see, it's already in ounces." I showed her how the reading changed as I pressed my hand on the scale, how it was only logical if it was pounds and ounces and not pounds and fractions.

"But there's a chart to convert, see? Point one five pounds is, would be, let's see, point nine four ounces. And anyway, the important thing is that her weight is almost the same, nine point two to nine point one five."

At this point I gave up.
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A couple of days ago I succumbed to peer pressure - in this case, the 'peers' were my online running buddies from RWOL, many of whom are Facebook friends of mine, who were all talking up the Houston Marathon in mid-January. This year it's the day after the Olympic trials, so a lot of people are planning to go to watch the fast elites zip by on Saturday, then run a flat and fast marathon on Sunday. The other draw is that it's a lottery entry - but this year, the first 2000 people to sign up with a certified sub-four-hour marathon time, which I have, were guaranteed I did.

I'm still wondering whether I did the right thing. There are definitely pros and cons:

Reasons to and not to run Houston
Perfect timing - can heal up, then backpack and hike and stuff in August and September, then train hard October through December before the snows hit. And ski afterward!SEVEN MONTHS AWAY. I could die of waiting.
Known to be "flat and fast."In other words, "boring."
Watch the Olympic trials!For what, 30 seconds as the racers zip by?
Will see some of my online running buddies I haven't seen since Boston, and meet some I haven't met in person yet.Will miss others who have picked different fall/winter races.
Lots of crowd support, which is always fun.About twice as many runners as I really feel comfortable with. And no chance for an AG award.
Britt's not likely to want to come to Houston, so I get to spend all my time hanging out talking running with other runners, which would bore him silly.Britt's not likely to want to come to Houston. I'll miss him!
Relatively cheap flight and hotel. And I already paid the entry fee.If I'm gonna spend money to travel somewhere, why not go somewhere niftier?

I've signed up, and paid, but I don't actually HAVE to go, of course. I don't have flights yet - that's probably the most expensive part, and that will probably be the deciding point. It's kind of strange to think about running a marathon when I can't even walk without crutches yet. But it's nice to have something to focus on, to plan for, so I don't get mired in the unpleasant now of injury.

Speaking of which, back to the doctor next Tuesday. Hopefully he'll tell me everything is healing up well and fast and I can ditch the damn crutches and start running again. It's such a pain to function that I probably walk on my bad foot more than I should - if I want to get a cup of tea, I can't carry it into my office unless I cheat, for example, and since it doesn't actually HURT, especially if I walk carefully and put the pressure on my heel rather than my toes, I do a lot of cheating.

BTW, today when I got out of the pool and limped back toward the locker room on my crutches, a ~10 year old boy offered to open the locker room door for me. I thought that was super sweet (although in retrospect, maybe he was just hoping to see nekkid girls). Actually, he screwed his eyes closed when he opened the door, so everyone could see that he was NOT PEEKING, and I thanked him profusely, because getting through the locker room door is the toughest part of my workout, I kid you not. I kind of wished that I was really a fairy godmother in disguise, like in all the stories, so that I could wave my wand (cunningly disguised as a crutch) and reward him for his kindness to a poor old injured woman.


Apr. 27th, 2011 04:30 pm
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This Sunday is the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins. I'm not running it. :-(

This was going to be my serious shot at sub-3:30. I had a good training cycle and despite a disappointing finish at the Canyonlands Half, I was feeling fairly confident. Then, three weeks ago, my left foot started to hurt. I took a day off, and it didn't feel better. I took another day off, and then (with some trepidation) went backpacking. (I knew Britt really wanted to go, and I wanted to go, too. I made him carry most of the stuff. It didn't seem to make my foot feel any worse, but it didn't feel any better, either.) I took the rest of the week off. I ran a quarter mile and realized my foot still hurt, so I ran home. And then I called my doctor. A week after seeing her, I saw a podiatrist.

Long story short, my foot is in a "post-op boot" which is a sort of sandal thing with a rigid bottom, to keep it from bending, and I'm on crutches for the next three weeks. The podiatrist thinks it's a stress fracture, even though it didn't show up on the x-ray (they often don't, but he advised against the expensive MRI, which is better at seeing them, since he was just going to treat it the same way). I am to keep my weight off my foot as much as I can. Hopefully in three weeks I can start slowly exercising again, although it may be several months before I am running. I will miss spring backpacking and rafting. Phooey.

I know, first world problem. Lots of people can't run at all. But I HATE BEING ON CRUTCHES. It is difficult to accomplish ANYTHING other than SITTING ON MY BUTT. Grr. Even cooking dinner is a major pain. I'm gaining weight and I'm getting cranky. And I lost my $125 marathon entry fee, and a small (under $20) cancellation fee for the hotel room. (Not to mention the medical costs I'm facing...I have a high deductible health plan and it's all coming out of pocket at the moment.) And my fitness is wafting gently out the window; it will take all year to build back up again to where I was (just like it took all year to build back up again after my bout of peroneal tendinitis).

The podiatrist's office is making me custom orthotics (another $300...), and hopefully I won't keep getting injured. But boy, am I bumming.
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I still love you, sweetie! A whole lot! ♥♥♥

A half-dozen more excruciatingly nineties photos here on Flickr. (Including the one of you with the shotgun air rifle, Dad!)
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I was an unathletic nerdy kid with hopeless hand-eye coordination, but I bicycled for fun and swim a bit; I was on the town swim team and a couple of times I didn't come in last. I had mild scoliosis and managed to parlay that into a doctor's excuse to get out of gym in junior high and high school. When I had to take a semester of sports in college I chose fencing, partly because swordfighting sounded cool, partly because the instructor was cute. (We dated for a couple of weeks after the semester was over. He turned out to be a jerk.)

After college I started dating a guy who was seriously into bike racing. He would go for a 40-mile ride and then come pick me up and we'd do a sedate 10 miles that would leave me exhausted. We moved to another state together to go to grad school in 1986, just as the triathlon started becoming popular, and I decided I might suck less at three sports put together than I did at each one individually. (Also, my boyfriend didn't swim, so he couldn't compete with me.) I hadn't actually done any running before, ever, but that didn't stop me. What almost did was my first training run, when I got horrible shin splints after 2 miles, but I persevered and managed to complete a sprint triathlon.

More... )

If there is a moral to this story (which there isn't intended to be; this is just a bit of rambling, a memoir, a nostalgic review) it is this: do stuff you like, and keep doing it, even if you suck, and you will improve. Of course the better you are at it to begin with, the more you're likely to enjoy it and train and practice and so on. But not all the people up on the podium getting awards started out as athletic prodigies who ran cross-country in high school. Some of them were nerdy little kids like me.
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I keep thinking of things I want to post about. But I don't want to write something off-the-cuff; I want to craft a perfect essay, and as a result, I never write anything. So here is some somewhat off-the-cuff musing about Facebook )
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This morning, when I turned the corner onto our block at the end of my run, I saw a policeman walking with my husband around the corner of the house into the alley. This immediately made me nervous, as it would anyone. But when I got up to the alley and saw the policeman getting back on his motorcycle, and my husband getting into our pickup truck, I immediately guessed what had happened.

We've known Robin, who owns (and rents out) the house across the alley from us, for some time. She used to be active in the local Democratic party, but she moved to another county (some 350 miles from here) a couple of years ago, so we haven't seen much of her. The thing about Robin is - well, you know the classic definition of the optimist and the pessimist? With Robin, not only is the glass half-empty, it's FILLED with POISON because SOMEONE is out to GET HER. She's got to be the angriest person I've ever met. Pretty much every year we'd see her putting out the "For Rent" sign and cleaning up the house, and she'd come over and tell us about how the last tenant had seemed so nice but had SCREWED her and LIED to her and CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT THEY PUT ME THROUGH? For a while she stopped renting it and lived it it herself, with her, I dunno, 5 cats and 3 dogs, and then her conversation stopped being about her scumbag ex-tenants and was about her scumbag ex-husband and ex-coworkers, and how much she hated this town, and wanted to move back to the place she used to live. (When she finally did move, and came back to pick up some more of her stuff from the garage out back of her house, she complained about how much she hated the place she was living now.)

When she moved, she rented to a guy who, as it turned out, we actually knew. And like. And all was cool. There's a parking area out in back of the house, but he sold his second car because he was laid off and needed the money, and so since he wasn't using it (he preferred to part in front) we asked if we could park our pickup way at the back of that parking area - there'd still be room for his pickup, plus another car - and he said sure, why not?

Do you see where this is going? One day this spring Robin happened to be in town, saw our pickup in HER PARKING AREA, and went ballistic. She knocked on our door and gave my husband hell for parking there, so he moved our pickup for a week or so, until he figured she was safely out of the area, and then started parking there again. Well, apparently, today she found out. And called the cops. The cop was, apparently, apologetic, and agreed that the fact that the current tenant had given us permission was a perfectly legitimate reason for us to be parking there, but it is, alas, still her property, and therefore, she has a right to go ballistic. So I guess we are on her ENEMIES LIST. Along with, I dunno. THE REST OF THE WORLD.

The house, by the way, has been for sale ever since we have lived here. (Actually, since before we moved here - we had in fact looked at it first, but felt it was in too poor shape for the money she was asking then. Now, of course, the price is even higher.) I live for the day when she sells it to someone - anyone - and she is out of our lives for good.

In entirely non-related news, in a couple of hours I'm heading out of town, solo, in the Sportsmobile, headed for St. George, Utah, to run a marathon. Woo!
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I am trying to get out of the habit of only posting when I have something major to post about. Not that I plan to tell you daily what is in my fridge. (That's for Twitter. And no, I am not on Twitter - well, I have a couple of accounts, but I use neither.)

- On Saturday we did a guided edible and medicinal plant hike, which was pretty nifty. The most useful things I learned were that the berries of this plant (Twisted-stalk) are edible and taste like cucumber, and that harebell flowers and sweet cicely are yummy in a salad. I can also identify arnica and valerian and know to bind open wounds with the mossy stuff that drapes from the trees, and can poison you with Death Camas if need be, la la la. The volunteer instructor didn't know mushrooms, though, so we gleefully pointed out (and picked) the boletus edulus and scaly urchins we saw. Still on the early side for mushrooms here, but it was nice to come home with a pound of scaly urchin (hawks' wing).

- On Monday Britt left for a week of backpacking with some guys. He's sort of the guide. I would be annoyed at not being invited on the trip, but it's been raining a lot and expected to continue raining. So la la la, have fun, I am hanging out at home with the kitty, drinking wine and eating wild mushrooms.

- I am running! Still feel a little twingy in my peroneal tendon, but it doesn't actually hurt, and I got in a beautiful 15-miler on Sunday morning up Junction Creek and the Colorado Trail. Junction Creek was flooding the color of tomato soup as I ran along it, quite dramatic. I didn't get a super-early start but was still ahead of all the mountain bikers so only saw them while I was heading back down. 37 miles for the week, finally up in respectable territory again, although I would really like to get back to the 50-65 mile range and 6 days per week. Probably not until late fall, though.

- Speaking of running (I know, I speak of running a lot!) I ran a tempo run today which leaves me cautiously optimistic about my fitness. I was worried that I had lost a lot over the summer of injury recovery, but I was able to run 3 miles at an average 7:35 pace, which is about what I was running my (longer, though) tempos at in the winter. I have signed up for a 5K on Friday night and although I know I am not in PR shape, am hoping for at least better than the 23:58 I ran last year on the same course. In fact if I can hold 7:35 I will run 23:30, so that is my goal. The race course is hillier than my morning's run, but on the other hand, races are always faster for me. So we'll see.

- I made lemon squares with this recipe (that I had printed out from at least 15 years ago) and somehow the lemon topping slipped around the edge and under the crust (guess my oven isn't exactly level) and made half the pan turn into lemon upside-down bars instead. Not that they are bad, mind you; just that it was unexpected. Also, as some of you know I recently got an ice-cream maker, and I have all the ingredients for chai ice cream. Britt thinks I am going a little overboard with the weird ice cream flavors and so I was going to make it this week, while he is gone, but somehow the idea of ice cream is less attractive when it's cold and rainy. Also when I am still 5 pounds up from my March weight, despite my increased running and mountain biking. Phooey.

- I got two phone calls from political campaigns or organizations today. Yesterday I got one political call and a call from a polling organization. I think we answer on average one poll per week; I know it's random, but I think they are trying to sample all Colorado counties, and there just aren't that many people out here in the SW corner of the state. I am really looking forward to this election season being over just so the damn phone will stop ringing.
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I admit I have been ignoring the plight of my friends on the east coast who have been whining about the heat. Yeah, it's hot out there - and that's (one reason) why I live out here. I remember when I lived in Maryland and Massachusetts; summers sucked, winters sucked, autumn and spring were lovely. But it's sunny in the winter here, even if it does snow quite a bit, and summer temperatures have only once hit triple digits in recorded history.

Except we're planning a river trip to SE Utah, which is, um, a lot hotter. How much hotter? Well, we're putting in on Friday, and I just looked at the NWS forecast.



It's supposed to get down to 100°F by Monday. Oh, joy. Accuweather, which I trust less but has an extended forecast, predicts a high of only 105°F on Friday but nothing lower than 102°F through our take-out on Thursday the 22nd. Of course, we can cool off in the water - but currently, with air temperature at 94°F, the water's getting over 80°F each afternoon. How are we supposed to cool off in the river if the water's 80°F? More importantly, how are we supposed to cool our beers? What if the rubber tubes of my raft melt? What if I melt?
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So far this week (which I count as beginning on Monday) I have mountain biked on three different trail systems, hiked, gone for a run, and rowed my raft down the river through town - and only the last activity required use of a vehicle. (In addition to my bicycle - I dropped off Britt and the boats at the put-in, drove to the take-out with my bike, left the truck and hopped on the bike and rode back up the rec path to the put-in, locked my bike, and got on my boat! Pedal powered shuttle FTW!)

And it's only Thursday. :-)

(This is also why I love having a job where I telecommute and set my own hours.)
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Biking: in addition to the Log Chutes ride last Saturday, Britt and I drove out to near Pagosa Springs, about 45 minutes from here, and rode up Devil Mountain, which has a rough and rocky road leading to a cleared summit that used to have a fire lookout tower. Not quite 12 miles up and 3500 vertical feet, woohoo! A few photos are here.

Running: I can run again! Sort of! My PT has given me clearance to alternate 5 minutes of slow running with 5 minutes of walking, after a walking warm-up. I did this 3x on Thursday and 4x this morning, and it's not causing the tendinitis to flare up, hooray! It's still going to be a long road to where I was as a runner, though.

Argh: I am annoyed more than I should be by people who email me - at an address that includes my name - and then misspell my name in the body of the email. ARGH. Also I am annoyed by people who are told that the deadline for the political newsletter I send out is Thursday noon, who then email me on Thursday at 2:30 pm with their news release prefaced by, "Thank you for holding the newsletter for this information." (It should not surprise anyone that someone has committed both these annoyances simultaneously. Also that I did not, in fact, hold the newsletter for that information.)

Fun: The newsletter deadline was Thursday noon because Thursday afternoon we drove out to Montezuma Creek, Utah to start a river trip on the San Juan. An exciting and scenic weekend that was not ruined by the roughly fifty bazillion gnats that each took a bite of my tender flesh. More details when I get the photos off the camera.

Administrivia: If you have a Dreamwidth journal and a LJ, I preferentially will read you at DW and will subtly filter you out at LJ. I also filter out those I read through another journal. If I read you at DW and you read me at DW you are welcome to defriend me at LJ. I don't do the subscribe-and-filter thing at Dreamwidth since there are separate access and subscription filters, but if the asymmetry bothers you, let me know, and I will cheerfully subscribe to you and then ignore you. Okay, not really, but you know what I mean.

And now I am off to a political thingy that didn't get into the newsletter. I will try to be polite to the campaign manager who annoyed me, see above.


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