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I started out writing this post in chronological, logical, first A then B order, but I don't want you guys to get bored and miss the points, so, in an effort not to bury the lede, as it were:

1) If you read this journal, don't have a Dreamwidth account, but would like one (either for commenting here or elsewhere, or for using it as, you know, a journal/blog/feed aggregator/social networky thing), I have a metric crapton of invite codes! Choose one, go to the account creation page, and make your account. (Then comment here and tell me you did it, so I can cross off the code you used.)

Codes )

2) If you don't have and don't want an account, I encourage those of you with logins on other blogging/social networking sites to set up your OpenID on Dreamwidth and comment with it. If you have a login on Wordpress, Blogger, LJ, Google, Flickr, Yahoo, or a bunch of other places, you can use that login here with OpenID. The advantages of doing this, as opposed to leaving anonymous comments, are that a) you can have replies to your comment automagically emailed to you, and b) I can give your OpenID "access" (as I do with nearly all regular DW accounts which subscribe to me) so that if you are logged in, you can read my locked posts (not that I make many, but I can imagine making posts I don't want visible to J. Random Passerby). ETA: And c), which I forgot to mention, you don't need to answer a CAPTCHA "prove you are a human" test, which I have enabled for anonymous commenters because I get occasional commentspam.

I know some people have had trouble logging in with OpenID, so here is a quick primer: )

3) Of course, you don't need an account to comment here. You are always welcome to comment anonymously, although I'd prefer you leave your name so I know who you are.

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