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I just realized I hadn't put this together yet. This is nothing new for anyone who has been reading all along; it's just a convenient aggregation of links to all the NZ posts (except for some photo posts, since I have copied the links from those to the entries about the places involved). "Photos" means that either there are inline photos, or links to the Flickr photosets, or both.

Please note that these links go to my LJ, not to the equivalent Dreamwidth entries. I'm not sure I'm up to fixing this up, sorry. Maybe eventually.

soft landing in Auckland (photos of Piha Beach and area)
coming to you live from Leigh
on our own (Devonport, Auckland)
north to the (sub)tropics (Kauri Coast; photos)
radio silence
tired and happy (to be dry) (Rotorua and Tongariro NP; photos)
in which Our Heroes float down a subterranean river in inner tubes (Waitomo; photos)
weekend at the beach (Coromandel; photos)
at the south tip of the north island (Wellington; photos)
south island hiking (Crossing Cook Strait and Queen Charlotte track; photos)
radio silence, again (Nelson and Abel Tasman; photos)
the Heaphy Track (photos)
tiny quick update (Christchurch)
beaches to glaciers, coast to coast (Christchurch, Arthur's Pass, west coast, and glaciers; photos)
hello from Queenstown (Haast Pass, Rob Roy Glacier; photos)
pining for Fiordland (Queenstown, Te Anau, Caples/Routeburn track; photos)
what is this blue stuff above my head? And why am I not wet? (Kepler track; photos)
darn blue skies! (Milford Sound cruise and helicopter flight; photos)
I hope Neil Young will remember (Dunedin, Otago Peninsula, Oamaru; photos)
in the shadow of Mt. Cook (Ball Pass trek near Mt. Cook; photos)

You can also see all the posts in reverse chronological order by looking at my nz tag, although you will have to see the "previous 20" to get all of them. Some are photo posts with inline photos and links to the Flickr sets that I didn't link above, because the Flickr sets are linked from other entries.

Finally, if you just want to see pictures without the annoying nattering, they are all in this collection on Flickr: New Zealand trip Dec 2008-Feb 2009, organized in sets by location.


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