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I just realized I hadn't put this together yet. This is nothing new for anyone who has been reading all along; it's just a convenient aggregation of links to all the NZ posts (except for some photo posts, since I have copied the links from those to the entries about the places involved). "Photos" means that either there are inline photos, or links to the Flickr photosets, or both.

Index to New Zealand posts and photos )

Finally, if you just want to see pictures without the annoying nattering, they are all in this collection on Flickr: New Zealand trip Dec 2008-Feb 2009, organized in sets by location.
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I have uploaded our photos from the Queen Charlotte Track, Wellington, and the Coromandel Peninsula, added 9 photos to the Waitomo (black-water rafting) set, and added 6 photos to the Tongariro (Mount Doom) set.

A few of my favorites: )
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I have uploaded 13 photos from Christchurch, Akaroa, and Sumner Beach, 10 photos from Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park, and 26 (awesome and amazing!) photos from hiking the Heaphy Track. That last set includes some cool bugs and birds and plants and fungi, for those of you into that sort of thing. And also me on a scary-as-hell swing bridge:
swing bridge
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...of green beer did not pass my lips last night. Instead I uploaded some more photos:

15 West Coast and Arthur's Pass photos
12 Franz Josef and Fox Glacier photos

Here is a fern and some mountains:

And here is me doing the Safety Dance:
Safety Dance
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A couple of weeks ago I got email from an admin at the place where I work, sent to a group of people, telling us that we were to be honored with a reception for having worked there for 15 years. I replied with my regrets, since I telecommute, and a mere reception isn't enough to get me to drive the 350 miles to the actual office; and the admin replied, "so, where would you like your gift sent?"

It arrived on Friday: the Oxford Atlas of the World. Way cool. I am very seriously delighted by this.

Anyway, I managed to tear myself away from all the nifty maps long enough to upload some more photos:

18 photos from the Caples and Routeburn tracks
12 photos from the Haast Pass area to the Mount Aspiring area, including the fabulous Rob Roy Glacier hike.

view from Routeburn Falls hut


Mar. 12th, 2009 05:13 pm
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I have been a busy little beaver: I have added a bunch of photos from the last part of the NZ trip (I am working backwards, more or less) and edited links into my entries about those places. I also updated the entries a leetle bit. Finally, I decided to spring for a paid account because 1) I hate that non-lj people looking at my stories have to see stupid ads, and 2) some of you (grr) have Plus accounts, and I hate seeing ads when I comment on your posts. (Also, they have been showing me ads on my profile even though I had a Basic account, grr.) Anyway, new stuff:

12 photos of Queenstown and Te Anau areas (lakes and mountains!)
16 photos of Dunedin, the Otago Peninsula, and the coast north of Dunedin
4 photos added to Ball Pass set (now 22)
8 photos added to Milford Sound set (now 24 plus video)
10 photos added to Kepler Track set (now 15)

See 'em here in our NZ trip collection on Flickr!

Here is one of my favorites from the new uploads: Mt. Earnslaw looming over the north end of Lake Wakatipu.

Lake Wakatipu and Mt. Earnslaw
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We are home! Well, we have been home for a while, but I wanted to get more photos up before I posted here. Alas, our router is having serious health issues, so I only laboriously managed to upload 18 of the Ball Pass trek photos, but don't worry - there are about 6 more I want to put up, once the new one which we hope will not crash our link every time we try uploading large files, and then I shall work backwards (or perhaps randomly) and fill in the rest of the trip. ETA: 22 photos now up. I'll post links here, and when everything is up, I'll edit the links into the narrative posts, and make a final comprehensive index post. So basically, you have the choice of seeing things in dribs and drabs, or getting overwhelmed with it all in another couple of weeks or so. Or, you know, just not looking. But how can you resist stuff like this:

Mt. Cook peeks at us
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ridge above the clouds

We go on an adventure! )

22 photos at our Flickr page.

Last night we drove to Lyttelton, near Christchurch; today we fly to Auckland, and tomorrow night, we fly home. Bye-bye, NZ!
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Not much to say for this update. We haven't seen the sun since Te Anu; we took a huge double-decker Intercity bus to Dunedin (passing along the Presidential Highway between the towns of Gore and Clinton, I kid you not!) in fog and clouds, and got to explore Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula in weather that ranged from overcast through drizzle to downpour, with bonus wind.

windblown tree

Dunedin, the Otago Peninsula, and Oamaru. )

Today we arrived in Lake Tekapo, and it's beginning to clear a little, and maybe we'll have nice weather for our Ball Pass trek. Cross your fingers for us!

16 photos from Dunedin, the Otago Peninsula, and Oamaru on our Flickr page.
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Well, we did our Milford Sound cruise, and what a bummer, the weather was beautiful. Blue skies, warm air, and no chop on the fjord as we cruised out to the Tasman Sea. Because of this we had to kayak around the coves at the edge of Milford Sound, and Britt decided it was necessary to go swimming as well. Terrible, huh?

kayak 2

Another complication of the distressingly gorgeous weather was that we were inspired to spend even more money and take the helicopter flight option back from Milford - we flew around cliffs and waterfalls and glaciers for 15 minutes, landed on a glacier on Mount Tutoko (Fiordland National Park's highest peak) and then flew around another valley and down to meet the bus on the landward-side of the Homer Tunnel. I have to say OMG IT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING EVER. In the whole history of incredible things. EVER. Yeah, life don't suck too bad.

heli glacier

I have uploaded a tiny fraction of the seventy billion pictures we took on the cruise and from the helicopter, as well as 23 seconds of video which is to the actual flight as the lightning is to the lightning bug but which is still DAMN COOL to a Milford Sound set on my Flickr page.

In the morning we take the bus to Dunedin, where we are renting a car so as to view the southeast coast at our leisure. Then we, um, are spending yet more money in yet another big splurge: Mom, you probably don't want to read this... )

After we return (if... :-) we drive to Christchurch, fly back to Auckland, spend one more night and day with our friends Doug and Anne in Devonport, and then it's the marathon flight back to the US, and bye-bye, NZ.
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Okay, I cannot complain about NZ weather any more (well, okay, I can and I will, but):

On the ridge over the South Fiord

We did, indeed, have stellar weather for our Kepler Track hike, and the views from the alpine ridge were excellent. Another Great Walk... )

Okay, running out of time again. I will be uploading lots more photos when we get back [ETA: have uploaded 15 photos total to Flickr] - I just wanted to spice this boring narrative up with a little illustration, and besides, BLUE SKY! I had to share!
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First off: I hope all of my Aussie friends out there and their families are OK! I live in a fire-prone part of the US, that had severe wildfires in 2002, so my sympathies and hopes are with you all. *hugs you*

What we done did )

What we are gonna do )

ETA: Pictures from Queenstown and Te Anau areas at Flickr

ETA2: 18 photos from the Caples and Routeburn hike
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I've got to run and meet Britt for lunch, so just a quickie. Anyway, I'm kind of disappointed in my own travel updates because I keep thinking of all these wonderful and quirky stories I want to share Like the remarkable linguistic coincidence... ) but forgetting them as soon as I sit in front of the computer.

But okay, so what we have been doing... )

ETA: 12 photos from Haast Pass and Rob Roy Glacier areas
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I am just faffing about until 8 am when we can try to reserve a cheap rental car and have only 5 minutes left on my internet, so. After a sequence of busses down the west coast to Greymouth, followed by the scenic Tranz Alpine train across the spine of NZ, we are now in Christchurch. Serendipitously we arrived just in time for the World Busking Festival, so have been enjoying the city enhanced by truly excellent street performers.

Plan for the next week is to rent a car and (slowly) drive back to the west coast, stopping in the middle to dayhike in Arthur's Pass NP, then down the coast to the BIG GLACIERS where we plan to splurge on a heli-hike and do more touristing, then make our way to Queenstown to arrange transport for our next big hike (the Caples and Routeburn tracks). From there we go to Te Anau almost immediately for another hike 3 days later, the Kepler Track, and then we'll try to arrange some day cruise type stuff at Milford Sound.

Seekrit message to John: didn't make the Twisted Hop yet, but we're coming back to ChCh before we leave.
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Hello from Karamea, where I am drinking a beer and sitting at an Internet kiosk in The Last Resort, which is a nice and not-too-expensive lodge complex, pretty near at the north end of the road on the west side of the South Island. (That should help you find it on Google Earth!)

So, when we left Motueka (rather abruptly, if you read the last entry, because I was running out of time on the net and had spent all my coins, so as not to carry any extra weight on the trail) we caught the bus to the start of the Heaphy Track, some distance west of Collingwood and a couple of hours from Motueka. Read more... )

This has been my favorite hike of all so far, I think. Just the variety of different forest, scenery, rocks, cliffs, caves, and so on. As well as the fewer people, and we got rid of some stuff in Nelson and actually bought instant backpacking food, so as to carry lighter loads - much more comfy than last time. I hope the photos came out!

ETA: Pictures!
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Tomorrow we head out on another trek, this one five days on the Heaphy Track, so I'll be offline for a while. Here's what we've been doing in the meantime. )

ETA: Abel Tasman photos
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Hi from the South Island. Yesterday we finished the Queen Charlotte Track - 71 km of hillside ridges along the Queen Charlotte Sound on one side and Kenepuru Sound on the other, drowned valleys between forested (and deforested, alas; much logging here) mountain ranges - and last night we came to the Anakiwa Lodge where the proprietor sold us a bottle of local Sauvignon Blanc and gave us a key to the spa tub. UTTER BLISS, I tell you. All hikes should end this way.

Leaving Wellington )

It sounds farther in KM )

Anyway, I must shower and go fix breakfast now. At 9:15 we hitch a ride on the mail bus to Havelock, which is apparently the Green-Lipped Mussel Capital of New Zealand (and therefore the world) so I am looking forward to lunch; and then we catch a bus for Nelson where we have a few days before our next round of torture hike. I will try to answer comments in Nelson, but if I don't get to it, thank you all for reading and gawking at photos!

ETA: Photos to gawk at: Queen Charlotte track
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I actually haven't uploaded them all yet, and I haven't labeled or captioned them yet, but I wanted to get some of these out here because they are just that nifty.


23 pictures (so far) 29 pictures of Tongariro National Park

Mostly while hiking the Northern Circuit and climbing Mt. Ngauruhoe and Mt. Tongariro; also a few from the Whakepapa Ski Area on Mt. Ruapehu.


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