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Biking: Not a lot, but I did get some riding done. A few loops in Horse Gulch, a few times up and down the river trail. And in February(!) we rode in Sand Canyon for the first time.

Hiking: A good year for hiking, though as it turned out, a rainy year for hiking. Several hikes and backpacks in our home turf of the Southwest (including hiking the length of the Pine River) and of course, a lot of hiking on the way to and in Canada (more on that later).

River running: A couple of runs down our own Animas, the San Juan, and the Piedra, but the highlight was definitely the Green River through the Gates of Lodore.

Running and racing: Mostly this year was spent rebuilding from being injured last fall/winter. I won a couple of races only by virtue of nobody else fast running. I had to sit out Boston, though I went to cheer my friends, but running across New Hampshire as part of Reach the Beach in September (with many of the same people) made up for it in many ways.

Skiing: Last year was pretty meh for snow (see 'biking') but we've got an El Niño this year and things are already looking up. I only skied twice so far this winter due to catching a bad cold right when we started getting good snow, but I skied at Telluride for the first time this year and would love to go there again!

Travel: A month in the Canadian Rockies. Okay, we were only actually there for a bit more than two weeks, because of driving up and back in a leisurely fashion with many stops for hiking and sightseeing, but still. A+ would go again.

Anyway, as usual, some good things and some not-so-good things, some places I went for the first time, and some missed opportunities. See you in 2016, my friends.


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