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So there was this XKCD comic, which inspired the Up-Goer-Five Text Editor, which allows forces you to write using only the thousand most common English words. And now my friends are using it to rewrite their job descriptions. Bandwagon, jump, whee!

I work in my house, using a computer to reach other computers. These computers make a pretend world inside them, with pretend air and water and rain and land, and then they show what the pretend world will be like in a hundred years or two hundred years or even more. We use this to guess how things might be like in the real world then, because we are worried that it will be very warm, warmer than it is now across the whole world.

Then I take the answers the computer makes, and I pull out each thing (like how warm the air is, or how strong the wind is, or how much ice is at the top and bottom of the world) and put it in a computer place for other people who study the world and how warm it might get.

But what I write about here is usually the things I like that are not work. I run a lot, and I like to run very far. I also like to ride a thing that moves on two round parts that go around when I push other parts of it with my legs. In the summer I walk in the woods and sleep there at night, and in the not-summer (like now) I go to a place where I get pulled up to a high place and I go back down on two long things like wide sticks under my feet.

House meme

Jan. 21st, 2008 01:46 pm
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Via [ profile] zadcat. I've linked a bunch of answers to photos, although many of them are from the remodel so some of the background things have changed (like the front door in the floor photo).Our house is a very very very fine house )


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