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Okay, recovery week is over! Time to start focusing on that little 26.2 race coming up in December.

Monday - I still felt tired and creaky from the hard 17.5 I did on Saturday, so I ran my 7.8 trail miles easy-peasy.

Tuesday - 11.8 as a progression: first 6 miles averaged 9:06, next 3 8:50, next 2 8:15, and then I tried to run half a mile at MP-ish (7:45) but only managed 7:51. Average overall 8:53.

Wednesday - 10.5 miles on a hilly route (up/down) with strides. Felt pretty good, 8:32 average pace.

Thursday - finally got to my tempo run, and it went well! 10 miles with 5 at HMP-ish averaging 7:22, overall average 7:56.

Friday - 7.1 miles on the trails at 11:10 pace, plus 4 10-sec hill sprints. I woke up with some iliac crest pain (that's the pointy part of the hipbone) and didn't want to push the sprints, since I was planning a long run the next day.

Saturday - 19.5 miles in the Animas Valley on a beautiful day! This was a great and confidence-building run. The plan was to go easy early and try for a mild progression toward about MP+10%; I set an early floor of 8:50 pace and it was surprisingly hard to go slower than that! Then I allowed myself to go as fast as 8:40 through mile 10, then 8:30-8:40, and trying to run around 8:30 or faster for the last 3 miles. It worked great: 1-4 averaged 8:53, 5-10 8:44, 11-16 8:37, and miles 17-19 8:30. (The last half mile was at 9:30 pace. Hey, cool-down, right?) Total average pace was 8:42, which - okay, I don't place much weight on training run pace, but this run was not just faster but ended stronger than the same run I did four weeks before my 3:29 at Houston, which was 19.3 miles at 8:58 average pace, and I slowed to ~9:15 in the last several miles. So I'm thinking this is a good sign.

Sunday - 'rest' day. And by the quotes I mean that actually I need to rake leaves today, and then go to the in-laws' and cut firewood. So, not all that restful. But no running.

Total for the week 66.7, booyah!

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Date: 2013-11-04 09:59 pm (UTC)
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The more miles you do, the smaller the 26.2 will feel

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Date: 2013-11-05 07:04 am (UTC)
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You are really getting in some great miles! I love seeing your paces on the long runs and that you are mixing in some trails. Things look good for December!!
Sounds like the in-laws are going to keep warm this year. Hope you got to sleep in anyway :)
Have a great week, Ilana.. Is it taper time yet?


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