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I'm fully recovered from CIM and looking ahead to my next goal race, the Canyonlands half marathon in ten weeks. I kind of liked the exercise of writing out my running weeks leading up to CIM, so I'm going to get back at it.

Between CIM (December 8th) and now I took off one week entirely, ran 12 miles the next week and 34 the following, all easy. Then last week I started throwing in strides and progressions (running faster at the end of a run), and got up to 45.6 miles. My plan is to nudge up to around 50mpw and hold that until Canyonlands. With the lower mpw I think I can handle two formal quality days, so I'm going to try to run speed on Mondays, tempo runs on Thursdays. And also, ski on Fridays. :-)

Monday - 8.5 miles with 15x (1 min hard, 1.5 min easy). The work intervals averaged 6:41 but varied widely. Overall average pace 8:38.

Tuesday - 5.3 easy, 9:15 average pace.

Wednesday - 7.5 trail! Yes, trail running in January! I have found if I go early enough in the day, the mud is still frozen, but the packed snow has enough dirt on it now that it's not too icy. Ended with 6x10 sec hill sprints. Avg pace 11:34.

Thursday - 10.4 miles; the first 3.6 were with Britt, so easy warm-up, though I got him to do strides with me toward the end. Then I did the first of the half-marathon alternation workouts from this article by Steve Magness: Workouts to Improve Lactate Clearing Rates, 6 miles alternating 0.25m at HMP+5 sec/mile with 0.75m at HMP+40 sec/mile. I converted from metric since I did these on the path rather than on a track; I also used my current rather than goal HMP, more or less. The 'on' intervals averaged 7:19 pace, the 'off' 7:56. Average overall pace was 8:20.

Friday - skiing! It was a lovely snowy day at Purgatory with the first new snow in about a month.

Saturday - 12.4 miles on a hilly route, 8:47 avg pace. In shorts and short sleeves. :-)

Sunday - 4.3 miles easy, average pace 9:04, 8x12 sec hill sprints at the end.

Total 48.5.

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That's some good running, even if you cheat by running on non-slippery snow! :)
Training is picking up again for you and it won't be long until the next fun race. Enjoy the skiing!!


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