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It was an okay week, considering that I had to work around various medical appointments (nothing major, just 50-year checkups for various body parts).

Monday - 9.7 with 6x0.5 mile intervals with 2 minute jog recoveries. The first three went great: 6:47, 6:47, 6:52. Then about halfway through the fourth I started feeling like I needed an emergency bathroom break, and I had to slow down; that interval came in at 7:12, and fortunately ended near the Doubletree Hotel, where I used the facilities. But after that, I couldn't get it together for the last two intervals. They were too slow, and I couldn't get my HR up. Final average pace 8:27.

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - I had an appointment in the morning so I couldn't run until afternoon, which usually I don't like doing. But it went well, 7.2 miles, 8:58 average pace

Thursday - 10.5 miles with 5@HMP, which went a little more slowly than I'd hoped but not too bad. Tempo miles: 7:29, 7:27, 7:36, 7:32, 7:29 for an average of 7:31. Overall average 8:10.

Friday - skiing on another glorious powder day!

Saturday - 8 miles super easy, 9:06 pace. (What made it super easy was not so much the pace as my HR, which was way lower than normal.)

Sunday - 15 miles with 1-minute 5K-paced surges at the start of miles 5-14. At first this really dropped my pace per mile, but toward the end they were more 5K effort than 5K pace, and the rest of the mile got slower for recovery, and overall my pace was a typical 8:59.

50.4 miles total for the week. This week I'm going to try to up that a little. I've also got a 5K (bleah) planned for Saturday. Five more weeks until the Canyonlands Half!

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Hope checkups came back clear?

Good luck on your 5K - I take it you won't do any tapering for it?


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