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I wrote elsewhere that I only read "running" blogs that were actually not entirely about running - that were my friends' journals with stories about their lives, running and otherwise - and then I looked at my own journal and um, all about running. Which is probably why I have neglected to update in a month - it's even boring ME.

So, how about a mini-review of the Durango Independent Film Festival that was last weekend?

People of a Feather - about the Inuit who live on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay, who essentially live off the eider duck. There are recreations of their historical way of life, and segments about their contemporary style of hunting, and some discussion of how things have changed with technology, and are expected to change with the changing climate. I liked it a lot. The most interesting bit is about how damming the big rivers for nominally clean hydropower has created an off-kilter runoff - the freshwater flows into the Bay at peak energy demand now, in winter (energy used for heating) which used to be the time of least freshwater run-off, and this is dramatically changing the winter ice.

Beautiful Faces - a reconstructive surgery hospital in Mexico City that operates at low cost on disfigured children. The surgeons were clearly passionate about helping others, and it was nice that they were Mexicans, not wealthy white American do-gooders (well, except for one, who was at the festival), but - the 'fixed' children still looked nowhere near normal, and there was some really yucky shots, and some that felt awfully intrusive on the lives of these families.

High and Hallowed - this film about the first American ascent of Mt. Everest (in 1963, 50 years ago) was my favorite of the festival. Fascinating old footage (and audio!) intercut with interviews with surviving members of the expedition, and a contemporary expedition by Jim Whittaker (the first American to summit) and his family.

High Tension - another Everest film, this one about a clash between professional climbers attempting a new route and Sherpas for the commercial ascent companies. I thought it was a bit overdramatized (showing "the slap" multiple times, e.g.) but a good glimpse into how the commoditization, so to speak, of Everest has changed the experience.

Spice Girl - Hazel Findlay, at 24 one of England's top female trad-climbers, the daughter of a famous climber himself. Lovely rock-porn and clearly Hazel's amazingly talented.

I am Red - very short scenery porn of the Colorado River.

The Water Tower - another Pete McBride film, this one is about a climb to the summit of Mt. Kenya (mythical home of the local water god) with focus on how climate change has affected the region. I liked this one quite a lot.

Journey to the Sky - a locally made movie about the Rotary Club's trip to Nepal to install solar panels on teahouses. Not a very well-done film, alas. It was like someone's home movie, "first we went here and did this and then we went there and did that," no overriding theme.

Painting the Way to the Moon - about Ed Belbruno, a Princeton mathematician and artist. Weird and boring.

Uranium Drive-In - about the fight of a small town in western Colorado (not far from here) to get a uranium processing mill, and the fight of its neighbors against it. Very interesting presentation of the issue from all directions, with interviews of people on all sides who did not fit the stereotypes you might expect, and no clear bias from the film-maker. (Though I guess the entities that came out the worst are the big corporations who operate the mines and mills!)

Let's Go Get Small - Extreme skiing in British Columbia. Yikes.

Arrival - Extreme mountain biking in a bunch of places. Not as good as some I've seen, but fun.

Walled In - Extreme kayaking in California. I mean, they spend as much time rappelling around death drops and into gorges as kayaking! I liked it and hope I never have to do it.

We also watched a short travelog filmed by a friend of ours, in which yours truly appears (and Britt is interviewed) but damn it, it's been taken off Youtube (there was a problem with rights to one of the songs used), because I was totally going to link it. :-(

Anyway, such fun, many movies, wow.

ETA review of People of a Feather, because, how could I have forgotten that? It was really good.

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Date: 2014-03-15 11:16 am (UTC)
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I don't understand why producers of documentaries make it so damn hard for people to watch them! I understand they want to make money off them, but so many documentaries are impossible to get your hands on, unless you dl them illegally :(

Another way of saying: Some of these sounds really interesting, but I guess I'll never see them…


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