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Things are going fairly well despite the complication of having to run either on the treadmill or in hotter-than-comfortable temperatures over the past two weeks. This past Friday and Saturday night we got a little rain in the mountains where the fire is, and the following mornings were much less smoky, so I'm crossing my fingers that this pattern will continue and I'll be back to my usual morning outside runs soon.

Week 4 plan: 35mpw, 10M LR with surges, key 3x1M with 3 min jog between, plus hill sprints and strides.

Monday: 6.1 easy outside, hot
Tuesday: biked to and from rec center with a few errand stops (4M) where I ran 1 easy, 1 with strides, 3x(1 hard, 0.25 easy), 1.75 easy = 7 miles on TM. "Hard" ~ 7:53 with 0.5% incline
Wednesday: biked to pick up CSA vegetables and other errands, 6M, 400' vertical
Thursday: 3M rt to/from rec center, 6.5 easy on treadmill
Friday: 6.5 easy outside, hot
Saturday: 13.7 hiking, 3180' vertical
Sunday: 11.8 hiking, 2330' vertical

Total 26.1 running, 13 biking, 25.5 hiking (which I posted about here).

Week 5 plan: 35mpw, 12M LR, key 2x2M with 3 min jog between, plus hill sprints and strides.

Monday: 4.7 easy outside, hot; 2.7 cycling to the dentist and back
Tuesday: 3.4 to/from rec center where I ran 1 easy, 1 with strides, 2x(2 hard, 0.25 easy), 1.25 easy = 7.5 miles on TM. Hard was a little harder than last week, but my HR was really only barely in the MP zone.
Wednesday: Independence Day! For fun I joined the local Hash House Harriers for a "hash", which is a social run in which two "hares" with a five minute head start lay a trail using flour and chalk, and everyone else comes running after. False trails are left at intersections which must be checked out, and when the correct trail is found an arrow is left to mark for later runners. At several spots along the route there were bags of ice, beer, juice, and snacks, and we all stopped to drink and wait for the group to catch up. It was silly fun, I drank 2 beers, and as one part of the route involved running across the (shallow) river I got to cool off a bit, too. Total mileage was 4.7 at about a 16-minute aggregate pace, but I'm still counting it!
Thursday: 7.5 very slow and easy outside, because STILL HOT
Friday: 8.3 mountain biking
Saturday: 11 miles with 30-sec surges beginning at M6, on the (hilly) Thirsty Thirteen race course as an out and back. I drove up to the course because it's a bit higher and southwest of here, and I was hoping it would be less smoky than town (which was not as bad as it had been, but was still smoky). It was still quite hot, though, and unfortunately there is pretty much no shade, so I was feeling pretty bad toward the end. 950' total vertical.
Sunday: 11 miles mountain biking with 1100' elevation gain. Went early enough that it didn't feel too hot at all.

Total 35.5 running and 25.4 biking - that's the kind of week I like!

Next week I'm hoping to do more running outside. If it's smoky early I'll have to do my workout runs on the treadmill, still, but now that we're regularly getting afternoon rains we should be getting clearer mornings.

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Date: 2018-07-11 11:52 pm (UTC)
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You are quite persistent to fit in those workouts despite the difficult running conditions! I hope weather and the fire conditions are improving.


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